• C-595B 2016/17 Pavement Rehabilitation Project

  • The 2016/17 Pavement Rehabilitation Project generally includes, but is not limited to, preparatory tree trimming, removal and replacement of existing Portland Cement Concrete curb, sidewalk, curb ramp, and valley gutter, installing PCC swale, subdrain installation, removal and replacement of existing asphalt concrete pavement (dig-outs), pavement cold planning, installation of paving mat, installation of asphalt concrete overlay, removal and replacement of asphalt concrete speed lumps/bumps, removal and replacement of new traffic signal loop detectors, adjusting to grade of survey monument castings, water valve castings, storm drain and sanitary sewer manhole covers, and other utility lids, removal and replacement of existing pavement striping and markers and traffic control for various streets in Danville, California. 


    Project Type:




    Project Location:

    Various locations in Danville, CA.  See Appendix A of Bid Documents for specific work locations. 

    Engineer’s Estimated Cost:



    Not Required

    License Type Required:

    Class A

    Project/Contract Number:


    Bid Due Date and Time:

    Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.

    Project Duration:

    90 Working Days

    Liquidated Damages:

    $5,400 per Calendar Day

    Bid Bond Percentage:


    Cost of Printed Plans & Specs:

    contact CopyRite, (925) 242-1200


    It is the Bidder’s responsibility to regularly check the RFP’s and Bids page of the Town of Danville’s official website for any addenda that may be issued prior to the bid opening date.  Failure to acknowledge receipt of an issued addendum will be cause for a submitted bid to be deemed non-responsive.


    Bidders can download plans and contract specifications at no charge from the Town of Danville website at:



    If you want to buy a printed set of plans and special provisions, go to:



    12657 Alcosta Blvd. #170

    Bishop Ranch 15

    San Ramon, CA  94583

    Ph. (925) 242-1200

    Fax (925) 242-1212



    Plan Holders List


    To be included on the official Plan Holder’s List, bidders must obtain contract bid documents from CopyRite or downloaded from the Town website.  If you download the contract documents from the Town website and wish to be added to the Plan Holder’s list, please send your name, company name, address, phone and fax numbers and email address to engineering@danville.ca.gov. 



    Download Bid Documents: