• City Attorney

  • The City Attorney provides legal advice to the Town Council, the Town’s commissions and committees, department heads, and Town staff throughout the organization. The City Attorney also represents the Town in civil lawsuits and, as the Town’s Risk Manager, is responsible for reviewing and processing all claims filed against the Town.


  • FAQ

  • Q. How do I file a claim for damages with the Town?

    A. If you believe the Town is responsible for any personal injuries or property damage, you must file a claim form with the Town.  Generally, this form must be filed with the Town within six months of the alleged incident.

    Q. Will your office answer legal questions for residents of the Town?

    A. The City Attorney can discuss legal issues pertaining to Town ordinances, Town Council or Planning Commission agenda items or other City-related questions. However, the City Attorney is not permitted to give legal advice to private citizens on personal matters.  The following is a partial list of resources for residents with legal questions:

    Q. Where can I get access to the Town's Municipal Codes?

    A.  The Town's Municipal Code is available in an electronic format online.  Click here to see the Municipal Code.  Further information on the code and how the Town's enforcement is carried out can be found on the Code Enforcement Page.