• Pavement Management

  • The Town of Danville Pavement Management Program provides maintenance history and pavement condition index (PCI) for all public streets in Danville using software provided by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. The MTC software is used within the MTC region.

    The Town annually performs pavement maintenance on public streets to the extent that funds are available. Streets are selected based on pavement condition, location, and the type of maintenance application. Maintenance applications are slurry seals, chip seals, and pavement overlays. Slurry and chip seals are thin applications of liquid asphalt mixed with sand or rock chips. Asphalt overlays are 1 to 4-inch thick layers of hot asphalt applied to the road surface. Crack sealing and repair of damaged roadway often precedes the maintenance operation.

    Streets with the same type of maintenance application are grouped together in a pavement maintenance project. This helps to reduce the cost of the project and confines the projects impact to a smaller area of the neighborhood. Streets are also selected based on the PCI. The PCI is determined by field inspection of the actual pavement condition. New streets start at 100 and, as streets age, the rating drops. The Town Council’s goal is an average PCI of 70 or above for the Town’s street system. The average annual expenditure of $1,200,000 is set based on the availability of funds for pavement operations.

  • Proposed Pavement Maintenance Projects for Fiscal Year 2016/17

    The following streets are planned for pavement maintenance treatment starting in June 2017:

    Alamatos Dr

    Santiago Dr

    Belgian Dr

    Meadowlark Ct

    Amigo Rd

    Ultima Ct

    Cameo Dr

    Rhett Pl

    Arroyo Dr

    Willowmere Rd

    Clydesdale Dr

    San Thomas Way

    Betten Ct

    Willowview Ct

    Fairway Dr

    Santa Clara Ct

    Bueno Ct

    Ackerman Dr

    Feliz Ct

    Santa Clara Dr

    Camino Ct

    Ackerman Dr

    Gelding Ct

    Silver Chief Pl

    Constitution Dr

    Blemer Ct

    Maiden Ln

    Silver Chief Way

    Diablo Ct

    Blemer Rd

    Montana Dr

    Bolero Ct

    El Cerro Ct

    Castanya Ct

    Roan Dr

    Bolero Dr

    El Sobrante Dr

    Dolphin Ct

    Sorrel Ct

    Dutch Mill Dr

    Hightree Ct

    Dolphin Dr

    Surrey Ct

    Greenbrook Dr

    Millbrook Ct

    Donna Ln

    Valle Verde Ct

    Tyrrel Ct

    Peartree Ct

    El Quanito Ct

    Via Cima Ct

    Tyson Ct

    Sierra Vista Pl

    El Quanito Dr

    Vista Del Diablo

    Vailwood Ct

    Woodbine Ln

    La Jolla Ct

    Contada Cir

    Vailwood Dr

    Alta Loma Ct

    Matadera Cir

    Allegheny Dr

    Buena Vista Dr

    Baja Loma Ct

    Matadera Way

    Canary Ct

    El Rincon Rd

    El Cajon Dr

    Pescadero Ct

    El Capitan Dr

    La Questa Dr

    Redondo Way

    San Gregorio Ct

    Lehigh Valley Cir

    Via Hermosa

    Santiago Ct

    San Ysidro Ct

    Lehigh Valley Pl

    Alice Ct

    Camino Amigo Ct

    Corte Encanto

    Danvilla Ct

    Love Ln

    Camino Encanto

    Corte Nogal

    Emerals Dr

    Mary Ct

    Tim Ct

    Veda Dr

    Verona Ave



    See Project C-595B for more information about expenditures and funding.

  • Completed Pavement Maintenance Projects for Fiscal Year 2015/16

    The following streets received pavement maintenance during the 2015/16 fiscal year:  

    Adobe Drive

    Culet Ranch Road

    Leonard Court

    Scotts Mill Court

    Alcazar Court

    Daisy Court

    Libertia Court

    Shadow Tree Court

    Alegre Court

    Danville Boulevard

    Libertia Place

    Shelterwood Court

    Antelope Court

    Diablo Way

    Lily Court

    Shelterwood Drive

    Antelope Ridge Way

    Discovery Court

    Lodgehill Court

    Shelterwood Lane

    Anthurium Court

    Dove Creek Lane

    Lomitas Road

    Shelterwood Place

    Balceta Court

    Dunhill Court

    Lowell Court

    Sherburne Hills Road

    Benjamin Lane

    Dunhill Drive

    Lowell Drive

    Sierra Ridge Court

    Blackstone Court

    Edgegate Court

    Loyal Dragon Place

    Skycrest Drive

    Blackstone Drive

    El Capitan Drive

    Lyon Court

    Smokewood Court

    Blackstone Hollow

    Endsliegh Court

    Marigold Court

    Squirrel Ridge Way

    Bobbie Court

    Everett Court

    Marigold Street

    St Edward Court

    Bobbie Drive

    Everett Drive

    Mattos Court

    Stetson Drive

    Bolero Court

    Everett Place

    McCloud Place

    Sunset Court

    Borica Drive

    Fairwood Court

    Meadow Blossom Court

    Sunset Drive

    Borica Place

    Fieldstone Drive

    Melsenna Court

    Sweetpea Court

    Bottlebrush Court

    Freesia Court

    Messian Place

    Tassajara Lane

    Brookside Drive

    Gerbera Street

    Molitas Road

    Timberline Court

    Brookside Place

    Gil Blas Road

    Montego Drive

    Turrini Circle

    Cafe Court

    Ginney Court

    Mountain Ridge Drive

    Turrini Court

    Casablanca Court

    Gold Creek Court

    Narcissus Court

    Turrini Drive

    Casablanca Street

    Great Northern Place

    Nerine Court

    Verona Avenue

    Casolyn Ranch Court

    Green Gables Court

    North Oak Court

    Verona Avenue

    Castenada Court

    Greenridge Place

    Ogawa Court

    Verona Avenue

    Center Way

    Haskins Ranch Cir

    Paraiso Court

    Viewpoint Court

    Christine Drive

    Hillview Court

    Paraiso Drive

    Viewpoint Drive

    Cliffside Drive

    Hillview Drive

    Park Hill Road

    Vista Drive

    Cloverbrook Drive

    Hope Lane

    Parkhaven Drive

    Waingarth Way

    Como Way

    Jasmine Court

    Pauletta Court

    Westbourne Court

    Corte Dorado

    Jasmine Way

    Pinecone Drive

    Wildwood Court

    Cromwell Court

    Jonathan Ridge Drive

    Pinnacle Ridge Court

    Woodside Court

    Cross Bridge Court

    La Gonda Way

    Plumeria Court

    Woodside Drive

    Cross Bridge Drive (East)

    Lakefield Court

    Provence Road

    Zagora Drive

    Cross Bridge Drive (West)

    Lasata Court

    Ramona Road

    Zenith Ridge Drive

    Cross Bridge Place

    Lawrence Road

    Rassani Drive

    Zita Court

    Culet Drive

    Leeds Court (West)

    Sarah Court


  • For a summary of the Town of Danville's Pavement Program, see the following links below:

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    For recent PCI values for all publicly-maintained streets in Danville: Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for Public Streets .

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    For specific projects either planned or under construction, visit our Projects page .